Apple announced keynote for March 21 and Wikipedia app for iOS becomes compatible with 3D Touch

Apple announced keynote for March 21 and Wikipedia app for iOS becomes compatible with 3D Touch
Apple announced keynote for March 21 and Wikipedia app for iOS becomes compatible with 3D Touch

Apple announces keynote for March 21: iPhone and iPad Pro SE 9.7 inches in approach

Apple recently formalized the date of March 21 for the next keynote. The invitation has been sent to various media. The iPhone SE 4-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro should be presented at this conference. Apple announced that the keynote will be held at its campus in Cupertino, this will be a place (much) smaller than usually.

What will be the advertised products? Apple does not say naturally, but we already know. The largest piece will be the iPhone SE with its 4-inch screen. It is expected to have more than a design similar to the iPhone 5s with features of the iPhone 6s (the processor). Besides the iPhone, we will find a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Maybe Apple will call "Pro mini iPad", its name is not known in the state. Finally, Apple is expected to unveil new bracelets for the Apple Watch.

The keynote will start at the regular time. We will be covering the event in real time with a live and articles summarizing the various announcements of this event. Apple will also offer a live video, everyone can track the event from their computer, iPhone or iPad.

Wikipedia becomes compatible 3D Touch interface and radically changes

Wikipedia (App Store Link - Free - iPhone / iPad) to version 5.0, a major update that brings with it a new more elegant and streamlined interface, more efficient searches in the database and a new feature called Explore which provides the user with content tailored to their interests (the algorithm is based in part on previous research). Other elements are reminiscent general information sites, with the photo of the day, a generator of random items to content etc ...

The new interface passed suddenly Wikipedia in modernity, and finally gives this now unavoidable Service a "key" that modern sorely lacked. In addition, the application becomes compatible 3D Touch and now can display certain information from a touch of the icon. A nice update.

tvOS 9.2 beta 6 is available

Apple offers this evening for the sixth beta tvOS 9.2, the next operating system for Apple's fourth-generation TV. Users with the fifth beta are invited to visit the settings to their Apple TV to force the passage to the latest update.

Apple has somewhat changed its plans this week compared to previous. The manufacturer usually comes out different betas for iOS, OS X, and watchOS tvOS simultaneously. The sixth beta for the first three operating systems arrived on Monday, the reason for the delay is unknown tvOS. But this is no big deal in the end, all developers are now housed in the same boat.

We do not know when Apple will offer tvOS 9.2 final version, but it's a safe bet that it will be on 21 March. A keynote will take place on that date, Apple confirmed the news earlier. In addition to the SE iPhone, iPad 9.7-inch Pro and new bracelets for Apple Watch, we should have iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.4, watchOS tvOS 2.2 and 9.2 in final version.

Remember, tvOS 9.2 offers support for Bluetooth keyboards, folders to store applications (like iOS), a new multitasking, iCloud library, dictation function spell a name and other things MapKit for developers.

iPhone 7s: Samsung is already vying to take care of the A11 processor

If the latest rumors are correct, TSMC will handle the majority (if not all) of the production of A10 processor of the iPhone 7. Samsung would be set aside and this can be a hassle for him. Indeed, Apple is a big customer, losing a year's time can play in its financial results.

But all is not lost for Samsung, the Korean manufacturer might again ally with Apple in 2017 for future iPhone. Indeed, Samsung managed to burn 10 nm processors, where TSMC's 14 nm for now. More burning a processor is, the more the processor is efficient and energy consumption is low.

TSMC and Samsung are busy A9 processor of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. But TSMC products produced processors are more powerful and use less hair battery. This is certainly the reason that prompted Apple to provide only TSMC iPhone 7. But TSMC is not the number one in terms of technological advancement and burning more precisely.

We still have time before you see the A11 processor, Apple will certainly decide by year's end that Samsung or TSMC will handle this task. In any case, Samsung would resume its primary assembler instead.

Apple improves the emission display for Beats 1

Apple has changed the display in the Radio tab in the Music application (from iOS 8.4). The images are now dynamic, understand that they are going to change when a new issue will commence on 1 Beats, Apple radio. Previously, users had only the radio logo.

On the left picture, we can see the image proposed since the launch of Apple Beats 1 Music. To the right is the new artwork. The issue of the facilitator Ebro Darden is clearly highlighted, the user immediately knows what is being broadcast. This will automatically change when another program will begin. This new system gives a little more customization to Beats 1.

Apple also added a "Discover Beats 1" button, it allows to know the program of the day with the time of each transmission. There are also leaders of the pages and some emissions, including Elton John, Dr. Dre, Drake or Mary J. Blige. Remember, Beats 1 is part of Apple Music. But listening is free, it is not necessary to subscribe to Apple's streaming service.
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