Apple does not recommend the Smart Cover for iPad Air 2 Pro for iPad 9.7 inches

Apple does not recommend the Smart Cover for iPad Air 2 Pro for iPad 9.7 inches
Apple does not recommend the Smart Cover for iPad Air 2 Pro for iPad 9.7 inches

The iPad Pro 9.7 inch well be related to the iPad Pro 12.9 inches, its design remains identical to the iPad Air 2. The new tablet has exactly the same dimensions (240 x 169 5 x 6.1 mm) than the model released in 2014. This suggests that the use of the Apple Smart Cover protections will not be a problem. In reality it is not that simple.

Apple has told Macworld that the use of a Smart Cover for iPad Air 2 for iPad 9.7 inch Pro is "not recommended". This is explained by the position of the magnet and the Smart Connector on the new tablet. In addition, new iPad Pro 9.7 inches will not be usable with the old Smart Cover.
Remember, there are four speakers on the new model and a flash for the camera and therefore the Smart Connector. The Smart Cover can technically be used, but all of these will be hidden and inaccessible. It's the same for other cases.

This is why Apple has released Smart Covers for iPad 9.7 inch Pro. They are available for 59 euros on the Apple site, where those for iPad Air are available for 45 euros.

The jailbreak of Apple TV 4 is available

Pangu promised imminent jailbreak for Apple's fourth-generation TV. Good news, it happened and wants available now. Caution, however, it is not a simple jailbreak that iPhone and iPad.
Indeed, this is a version proposed for developers. Jailbreaking allows them to have SSH access to the Apple TV to do what they want, while removing restrictions put in place by Apple. Interested developers should have an Apple TV 9.0 or 4 under tvOS tvOS 9.0.1. For information, tvOS tvOS 9.1 and 9.2 are already available, but these versions cannot be jailbreakées (for now at least).

What is this jailbreak right now? The team of hackers Pangu explained very well: to have access to the Apple TV and then create or bring existing tweaks. Once this is done, one can imagine that a jailbreak "public" will be offered to users to download tweaks, like iPhone and iPad.
The developers (or advanced users) who are interested can download the jailbreak here. Pangu includes a document explaining the procedure to install it on Apple TV.

Apple Renew wallpapers for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple site

Apple has dedicated a significant part of his latest Keynote to boast its energy policy and in particular recycling program Apple Renew. For the first time, this "eco-responsible" speech was not limited to a few phrases thrown at the turn of the presentation of the latest iPhone but did constitute the axis of an assumed and hammered strategy (strategy no describe as “marketing "). Apple has even planned wallpapers themed Apple Renew, the iPad format / iPhone 5 / iPhone 6. These three colorful wallpapers and purified can be directly downloaded on Apple's website and the good news c 'is that they are pretty enough to be downloaded without the need to have the eco fiber!

Nimian Legends: a dazzling new release through Metal

Nimian Legends BrightRidge (App Store Link - Free - iPhone / iPad) is an adventure game exploration / contemplation set in a fantastic world where encounters are not rare. Suffering originally large gameplay issues, the game still managed to dazzle with its graphics quality, especially since it was not necessary to have the latest iPhone to rotate. To take into account the performance offered by 64-bit chips Ax (from A7) and the new set of APIs Metal, the only designer / developer of Legends Nimian realized a new version of its title called Legends Nimian : BrightRidge HD; it looks absolutely stunning, with graphics effects never seen before on iPhone and effects of all kinds luxuriance, which makes one really wonder how it can be displayed on an iPhone. The release is coming soon, and you can expect us to tell you more at this time... New Songs 2017
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