Apple iPhone 7 TSMC is preparing to double its production to anticipate the A10 processor

According to Chinese media Economic Daily News, quoted by Digitimes, TSMC will double its production of chips engraved in 16 mm by the end of the month. The reason for this doubling is not given, but it is possible that the contractor prepares for iPhone 7. Indeed, he said that Apple will choose a processor engraved in 16 mm for its next model. The demand is very high every year, it is necessary to prepare for the influx on the supplier side. Apple is not the only customer of TSMC, but it should be the biggest this year. He is joined by Nvidia, MediaTek, HiSilicon, Spreadtrum or Xilinx.

Apple iPhone 7 TSMC is preparing to double its production to anticipate the A10 processor
Apple iPhone 7 TSMC is preparing to double its production to anticipate the A10 processor

large-scale production of A10 processor 7 of the iPhone should be done just before or during the summer. The production of the iPhone 7 should be in stride, against all odds, with a public presentation in September.

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With the iPhone 6s, Apple has made the curious choice for photographic sensor. Although the number of photosites is increased from 8 to 12 million without stabilizer (OIS on the iPhone 6) without changing the aperture, the size of photosites themselves or even the speed of the autofocus, it was almost certain that the iPhone 6s did not realize prowess, especially in low light conditions. The worst is probably that Apple knowingly chose to tread water when the high-end Android has made a spectacular breakthrough in the photo section, with ultra-fast autofocus (Xperia Z5, G5), APN dual- lens, OIS stabilization system, and journals ISO sensitivities broadly higher.

Video blogger confirms these poor choice of Apple, and cruel manner; in detail, if Apple does well in good lighting conditions (colorimetry and overall rendering even particularly good or even often better than the competition), it does not hold true once one passes in low-light environments, such as at night, for example: the details are lost, and clichés to the limit of usable once one is not using the flash, it unfortunately colors and denaturant not preventing noise in the image. Not talking about the NPC in front, which has never been the strong point of Apple and its iPhone ...

Even on the video game, the iPhone 6s losing ground on the S7! The sound is lower on the iPhone 6s and realistic skin tones less than the S7. Hopefully Apple has provided a significant improvement in photo sensor for the iPhone 7; because after the noise corridor that suggests almost the big news would switch to the iPhone 7 Plus (Double sensor, OIS, 256 GB of storage), it is to wonder what will remain to iPhone 7 to allow it to be physically competitive with an armada really on Android army this year.

Tony Fadell is often presented as the "father of the iPod" for having occupied the player and his team at Apple for several years. He recently spoke Steve Jobs, his boss when he was at Apple during an appointment.

He explains that Steve Jobs did not offer iTunes and iPod support on the PC initially, he wanted it to be exclusive for the customers with a Mac. His teams led him to change his decision, including Tony Fadell. He explained that he was a door to push users discover Apple products and then pass on a Mac.

Steve Jobs has looked a little on the subject and finally accepted the request of Tony Fadell. He put a condition, however: iTunes and iPod support must be approved by Walt Mossberg. This high-tech American journalist is well known, both by specialists and the general public. He worked at the Wall Street Journal at the time, today it is at Re / code.

Good news for Tony Fadell, Walt Mossberg gave the green light. Apple has proposed iTunes and iPod support on PC. Unsurprisingly, this has helped to reach a wider public. In addition, Mac sales increased thereafter because iTunes was "good" on PC, but "best" Mac said Tony Fadell.
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