Apple iPhone SE the new iPhone is official and has a price and release date

Apple iPhone SE the new iPhone is official and has a price and release date
Apple iPhone SE the new iPhone is official and has a price and release date

Not surprisingly, Apple has formalized its new iPhone 4-inch, the iPhone SE. Small but not small price for all that, the proposed Apple is in a form of iPhone 6s "reduced" to which he borrows a very similar specifications. With a coprocessor A9 and M9 processor, the iPhone SE is three times more powerful than the iPhone 5s and thus be able to mount two 4K streams simultaneously like its big brother of 4.7 inches. This SE iPhone 4G is compatible with 150 Mbps or 3 times faster than his grandfather 5S. No 4G + yet present on the iPhone 6s however ...

On the back a 12-megapixel sensor shooting in 4K and supported by the focus function pixels to improve focus and a flash two tones. Facade, a slab 4 inches identical to the iPhone 5s (326 ppi 1136 x 640 pixels), no 3D Touch reserved for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Design side, this iPhone SE looks just like the iPhone 5s, most observers can detect an Apple logo engraved on the back as the latest iPhone 6 / 6s, meager stylistic evolution.

Price aside, there is an Apple's efforts on its price list, softer across the Atlantic, $ 399 for 16GB and $ 500 for 64GB. Apple will not propose intermediate model in 32 or 64 GB. For France, the note will be much saltier, € 489 for the 16GB version and € 589 for a 64GB iPhone SE ... for comparison, an iPhone 5s 16GB is trading around the 380 €. Pre-orders begin on 24 March and availability from distributors is wedged on March 31. Despite a very high price (especially in euros), the iPhone SE could talk to an iPhone user majority that was still left on the iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s.

Apple announces the iPad 9.7 inch Pro

 In addition to the iPhone SE, the Keynote of March 21 has allowed Apple to introduce a new version of its iPad Pro which takes the name of ... Pro iPad (9.7 inches). He succeeds in fact to the iPad Air 2. iPad Air Point 3, but it's like since it shows, as the name implies, the 9.7-inch screen. A more suitable for transport diagonal explained Phil Schiller on stage.

Basically, it includes all the features of the model 12.9-inch introduced last year supported a keyboard (adapted format), Apple Pencil, A9X processor etc. However, it takes advantage of some new features that are found on the big screen as the sensor 12 mpx iPhone 6S / SE and a new screen "True Tone".

Under this name hides the possibility for the tablet to adjust the colorimetry of the screen depending on the lighting environment. Four sensors determine the ambient light and the screen changes color based. Clearly, the screen is a white balance to reproduce the experience that one would on a piece of paper. In addition, the anti-reflective coating has been improved to reduce by 40% compared to the iPad Air 2. It is also brighter than 25%.

The slate weighs 500 grams and is 6.1 mm thick, the color Pink Gold also makes an appearance. It will be available March 31 and pre-orders will open on 24. Count 695 euros for the Wi-Fi model 32GB (16GB version disappears) and 845 euros to add support for 4G +. There will also be models 128 and, premiere, 256GB, it will cost 1055 euros for the latter in 1205 and if you want 4G +.

Keynote iPhone SE: (almost) all of a 6s iPhone, but in a 4-inch screen

The iPhone SE was expected, and the iPhone SE was well appointment. The return of the "small" iPhone has been much ink and must say it was enough as the specifications of the iPhone SE to operate more than talk about it as a sub-model; Apart from the 4-inch screen (and the same resolution as the iPhone 5s), the iPhone SE takes effect in the current iPhone 6s components, except the 3D Touch screen.

Under the hood the same design than the iPhone 5s, there is a 64-bit processor A9 and M9 co-processor, the Touch ID, network chips for 4G faster LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, a sensor 12 MPx with Pixel Focus, Flash Retina, panos to 63MP, the 4K video and all the functions of a large (Slo-mo 240 fps Live Photos), an NFC chip for Apple Pay, a new microphone, etc ...

The autonomy of the iPhone SE is also a very nice surprise: 50 hours of continuous audio playback instead of 40 hours on the iPhone 5C, 15 hours of video playback instead of 10, 15 hours surfing instead of 10 again (LTE), 12 hours surfing on 3G and finally 14 hours of conversation. This is a real leap forward this time.

Offered in 4 colors, the iPhone SE will be available for pre-order from 24 March and available for sale as of March 31. Rates are $ 399 for the 16GB version (unfortunately ...) and $ 499 for the 64GB model; and rest assured, France is actually part of the first countries delivered.

Apple confirms: shells iPhone 5 / 5s can be used with the iPhone SE

We already knew that the iPhone SE would resume in outline the design of the iPhone 5s came out in 2013. Some had questioned whether the shells already used for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s would be compatible with the new model. Good news, yes.

Apple has posted tonight hulls for the new iPhone SE. When we look at compatibility, we can see that Apple also list the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. We can enjoy the hulls and three cases for iPhone. This will be especially interesting for those going to an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s to the iPhone SE. They will be able to maintain the current protection, without necessarily buy a new shell.

Incidentally, Apple offers new cases for the iPhone 6s with new colors. They are now found on the Apple website. For information, a shell Apple iPhone SE is offered at 45 euros. It can be purchased today will be shipped within 24 hours. Those who order a today will therefore before the iPhone SE, it will be offered for sale on March 31.
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