Apple iPhone SE the Spigen props seems to confirm a similar design to the iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone SE the Spigen props seems to confirm a similar design to the iPhone 5s
Apple iPhone SE the Spigen props seems to confirm a similar design to the iPhone 5s

The iPhone SE may well be expected in less than two weeks, its design is still uncertain today. It must be said that the leaks about it are more limited, which does not help with the task to define his portrait. Several signs announce that it will be a pretty close design of the iPhone 5s. This seems to be confirmed.

Spigen prepares cases for the iPhone 4-inch, the prop already has several for sale. If his information is correct, the iPhone SE really look like the iPhone 5s in outline to the point that both models could be difficult to distinguish. It is possible that an accessory for iPhone 5s is compatible with the iPhone SE. This corridor noise has circulated a few weeks ago.

Several props have informed MacRumors that iPhone SE will be the same size as the iPhone 5s, reinforcing the idea that the hull Spiegen is potentially the right measure at the right format.
If the rumors are right, Apple will unveil its iPhone SE on March 21 during a keynote. It should be accompanied by a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, as well as new bracelets for the Apple Watch.

Tim Cook vs FBI: American opinion takes Apple side

In the war between Apple and the FBI, the US government could count on a far powerful ally: the US population, mostly from the FBI side and therefore consistent with the principle of "back door" for temporary unlock iOS in particular cases. But debates after debates, and items after items, issues and the underlying issues in the case will eventually impact the judgments of individuals.

For proof, a new poll published by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News Channel clearly indicates that it is now that Apple has the support of the American public. Thus 47% of registered voters believe that Apple should not cooperate with the government, and 58% feel close to Apple's position.

These percentages are almost the opposite of the previous surveys: 60% favorable opinion of the FBI is therefore going to 58% in favor of Apple, which is ultimately not surprising after the mass of explanatory articles that have do the clearing the field and explained the risks inherent in a weaker encryption. Snowden also been there: in the same poll, 47% of Americans believe that the US government is going too far in its desire to widespread surveillance and 44% fear large drifts.

These features of iOS 8 and 9 will be available for Android N

Google announced yesterday evening N Android, the operating system Android 6.0 will succeed Marshmallow. A first Developer Preview is available to developers, they can discover the new APIs that are available to them and enjoy the first new products announced by Google. Precisely, Google seems to have liked iOS 8 and 9 Apple iOS, developed to take some ideas.

N with Android, it becomes possible to have two apps on the screen. Apple launched the iOS system with 9 of the iPad. N side of Android, the feature is available as well on tablets as smartphones.

Another loan is the feature Picture in Picture. There also proposed on iPad with iOS 9, it helps to put a video in the corner of the screen and do something else at the same time. This convenient system also is available on Android N (only Android TV initially).

Third loan, the quick response from the notifications. This helps answer a iMessage / SMS, email, Facebook or other message without opening the application. Again, this function makes its debut on Android N. Side of Apple, she arrived with iOS 8.

Finally, Android N includes a night mode. This activates a dark way around the operating system. Apple will also offer a night mode with iOS 9.3, expected by the end of the month. Apple is the screen temperature (more yellow) that changes.

Attention Apple did not invent all these features! However, Google seems to have the beloved, to the point of proposing to its users.
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