Apple is going to expand Apple Pay through safari mobile sites

Apple is going to expand Apple Pay through safari mobile sites
Apple is going to expand Apple Pay through safari mobile sites

There are two ways to use Apple Pay today: in a shop with the integrated NFC chip in the latest iPhone (iPhone SE / 6/6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus) and Apple Watch or in applications. For once, the latest iPad (iPad Air 2, iPad mini and iPad 3/4 Pro) are also supported. And a few months, Apple will expand Apple Pay mobile sites from Safari.

According to Re / code, Apple warned several partner websites in the new and also indicated that availability is expected before the end of year celebrations. This choice is not trivial, it is the time when online shopping are most likely due to Christmas in particular.

The arrival of Apple Pay on merchant’s sites is interesting. The user only needs to put their finger on the fingerprint sensor Touch ID and the order will be processed almost instantaneously. No need to enter bank details, postal address or name, everything will be done automatically, securely, of course.
With this system, Apple could seriously compete with PayPal which is, admittedly, the leader in online payments (without taking into account the direct payment by credit card). Moreover, Apple consider proposing Pay Apple Mac but nothing is done in the state. It would have a fingerprint sensor or an alternative method.

Sony will develop iOS games based on known Playstation licenses

The mobile game industry has become an essential source of income for large studios (and small too). Sony also is it a game publisher recognized, it could not logically miss this "windfall" of mobile financial: it is ultimately without much surprise that the Japanese giant has announced the creation of a new studio, Forward Works, which aims to re-use iconic characters of the game on Playstation to transpose the smartphone; this new "challenge" much like what recently decided to Nintendo (successfully elsewhere since Miitomo already has over a million downloads).

If the announcement is exciting in itself (? A Crash Bandicoot on iOS), it is for now refrain from any excessive enthusiasm: the first mobile game (iOS and Android) ForwardWorks from the studio will be for a first time Asian market (including of course Japan). There is little doubt that Sony will open to other markets ... if commercial success is in!

Day of The Tentacle: the legendary tentacle always wants to dominate the world on OS X

Day of the Tentacle (DOTT for short) is an ultra-cult adventure game from LucasArts studio dating back to the 90. The game tells the temporal space tribulations of a group of young people in many strong personalities who will have access to several times to overcome evil tentacles decided to invade the world. Filled with tasty dialogues and funny, and fabulously lined with art direction of the first rank, DOTT still remains the best of the best adventure game point & click, and incidentally a great all short game. The puzzles are not always easy to solve, but the difficulty of the game is never an annoyance because the pleasure we take to put our hero in the most incredible situations ever.

This very classic just out completely remastered version (audio and image) on PS4, PS Vita, PC and ... OS X; yes, you read that expensive player OS X: you too can play the gleaming eye of emotion in a timeless masterpieces of video games, you too can find happiness in retro-gaming "qualitay". The fun is just nirvana at this address, even if the price of 14.99 euros seems excessive hair for a 1993 game, the intrinsic quality of the title worth. New Songs 2017
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