Apple Pay a hit in China 3 million activations in 2 days

Apple Pay a hit in China 3 million activations in 2 days
Apple Pay a hit in China 3 million activations in 2 days

Even in an economic downturn (but still growing), China remains the Eldorado Apple; according to figures provided by China Merchants Bank (large Chinese investment bank), the number of recorded bankcards with Apple Pay would have reached 3 million ... on the first two days of the launch of the service in the country!

China Merchants Bank accounts alone 1 million customers Apple Pay, but this score represents only a third of the total number of Apple Pay activations (which appears suddenly as a particularly low estimate, there are other major banks in China).

Other major suppliers of Apple Pay customers in China are Meituan, Dianping, Starbucks, McDonalds ... and FamilyMart. On average, during the period of launch, Apple Pay users would have spent through the service about fifteen dollars. 80% of financial institutions in China would now supports Apple Pay.

App Store: Apple puts more frequently Option in the new design

Having the ability to download applications is good, but why choose? This is where the App Store to find us regularly from the home page. Apple has made a few changes to better highlight the applications.

This is explained by the change of manager in charge of the application store. Since December, Eddy Cue gave way to Phil Schiller and the latter asked the teams to evolve the App Store. For years, Apple still showed the same applications on the home screen for about a week. He had to wait until Thursday to see a new wave of applications on the home page.

This frequency has evolved to the point of being more common. It is difficult to speak of a change in everyday life, but teams that run the App Store will bring a little more work to regularly offer new applications. This allows users to discover new without waiting a week each time.

In a tweet, Phil Schiller confirmed the change, considering that the App Store "is a place we all want to visit every day." He added that there are other planned changes, but he said nothing over for now.

Apple vs FBI: Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, eBay and others show their support for Apple

In a document sent to the US court today, several US high-tech companies have announced their offer support for Apple in the case against the FBI. They teamed up to give weight to Apple so that the manufacturer wins.

A total of 17 companies released the joint document: Airbnb, Atlassian, Automattic, CloudFlare, eBay, GitHub, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, MapBox, Medium, Meetup, Reddit, Square, Squarespace, Twilio, Twitter and Wickr. All believe that the request of the US government (and by extension FBI) ​​would present a "dangerous precedent in which the government could circumvent legal legal procedures" to obtain personal information about users without they are warned.

Different companies are asking the court not to force Apple to unlock the iPhone terrorist San Bernardino and add be against the idea of ​​a backdoor allowing privileged access to the agencies to access user data.

In addition to the 17 companies, others have joined Apple in publishing documents separate justice. Include the US operator AT & T, EFF and the organization Consumer Technology Association (which includes Microsoft and IBM). Apple updates the list on a dedicated page.

Getting updated: Google, Amazon, Box, Cisco, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nest, Pinterest, Slack, Snapchat, Whatsapp and Yahoo in turn issued a document to the court to support Apple.
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