Apple using torrent trackers and a recent bug on iOS blocked the iPhone and iPad

Apple using torrent trackers and a recent bug on iOS blocked the iPhone and iPad
Apple using torrent trackers and a recent bug on iOS blocked the iPhone and iPad

Why Apple is using torrent trackers at Cupertino

Torrents are perfectly legal, the protocol used to exchange files between users. However, it is possible that some file sharing is not legal, it is believed to include movies, series, music, etc. Apple uses this protocol, but rest assured it is not for free content.

The search engine Shodan reveals that Apple has its own torrent trackers in Cupertino, the city where the manufacturer is installed. Thirty IP addresses are associated with these trackers, all begin with 17.17.17.x (x varying each time). Apple uses the 6969 port, and the port 80.

Why Apple Do using torrent trackers? The answer is not known officially, but several clues suggest that the goal is to have a distribution medium to pass files internally. Indeed, TorrentFreak and the Shodan search engine boss have this theory. In addition, a search of all the IP addresses used by Apple with a catalog of eight million torrents no result. That means zero film, series or free music is passed on Apple trackers.

Apple never mentioned his trackers publicly, but it is understandable after all the knowledge that the use is for employees only. For information, Facebook and Twitter are also using it internally torrent. 

Apple iphone and ipad are blocked by a recent bug but there is a fix

A recent bug on iOS blocked the iPhone and iPad, the date was changed to 1970. It was then remove and reinsert the battery to unlock the situation or install iOS 9.3 (currently in beta). Today, yet another bug related to 1970 appeared: the ghost’s emails.

Some users have noted having received emails in Apple's Mail application on iOS that date back to January 1, 1970. There is no sender, no subject and no text. Email is also grayed out, the user can not remove it by the state. But there is a temporary fix to get rid of.

The trick is to leave the Mail app in the multitasking and to force a restart of its iPhone by holding down the Home button and ON / OFF until the Apple logo appears. Upon restart, the ghost’s emails are supposed to have disappeared.

It is possible that Apple fixes this problem with iOS 9.3 as the final version is not yet proposed, whether developers or the public. The manufacturer has not said anything on the subject immediately. He had put a few days to respond to the first bug with the date 1970 and the iPhone lock. Perhaps he will do so this time.

Viral Video about iphone security unlock is fake

Perhaps you've already seen: the viral video about the trick of unlocking an iPhone yet locked using a four-digit code is actually just a fake ... (very well done, but a fake nonetheless ). In this YouTube video, a user bypasses the Touch ID check simply by asking Siri to time, for one thing led to achieve "Buy More Tones" section and then sent using the home button without any control or code request. The video was quickly seen by many people (up to 1/2 million views) ... but it turns out that the described procedure simply does not work on any iPhone today proposed sale by Apple. The MacRumors site is indeed quick to reproduce the "method" ... that never worked (your servant did the same, and it does not work better). The moral of the story (because there is a moral), it is not always believe what is said and shown on the canvas. 

France is making a law for apple to give its encryption keys

As usual when it comes to measures to strengthen the security of our beautiful country (and increasingly also at the expense of privacy concepts), it's a little sly one amendment on encryption was voted in the evening of March 4, the amendment proposed by MP Philippe Goujon (group Republicans) in the framework of the law against terrorism and organized crime.

In detail, the amendment states that during an anti-terrorist investigation, and specifically when it comes to encryption, individuals or private groups that refuse to cooperate with the authorities (ie provide the codes or key decryption) may be subject to a fine of 350,000 euros and a prison sentence of up to 5 years!

Both say bluntly; with this text, encryption is virtually "criminalized" in France, the angle of "terrorism" prevailing over all other considerations. France in the state goes even further than the United States, which today are in a public debate on the subject and the participation of the Congress (and thanks to Apple) but here, as in every time when it comes to framework laws on national security, everything happens inside the parliament and without any media (not even talking about the Constitution, the security logic and the fight against terrorism are above all).

If the new law is applied, Apple could be obliged to provide the French authorities encryption keys iOS fiercely ... which apple refuses to provide to the FBI.
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