Apple vs FBI Wikipedia founder announces support for Apple

Apple vs FBI Wikipedia founder announces support for Apple
Apple vs FBI Wikipedia founder announces support for Apple

Apple has a new size support in the case between the iPhone makers to the FBI about encryption. The support in question comes from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. He told the SWSX "I'm really proud of Apple." He added that "even if the FBI eventually win, we should rejoice that Apple is fighting on this issue. The worst thing was that a company like Apple folds [at the request of the FBI] discreetly. "

Among sized companies that are on the side of Apple include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Snapchat, Amazon, EFF, Mozilla (Firefox creator) and many others. All want the users privacy is preserved and that the request of the FBI is not granted. To recap, the FBI asks Apple to create a special version of iOS which would remove the features related to safety and then access a password protected iPhone. Officially, the FBI wants this version of iOS for the iPhone 5c San Bernardino shooter. But Apple is confident that the goal is to have access to any iPhone.

Apple and the FBI will be in court on March 22 next to this case. Interestingly, Apple has chosen the date of 21 March, the day before, to present its iPhone OS 4-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

iOS encryption: John Oliver destroys FBI arguments in a scathing video

John Oliver is part of this breed of American journalists whose positioning is at the crossroads of one man show, politics, pedagogy and analytical work (note that there is no such specimen in France). The television broadcast of John Oliver, LAST WEEK TONIGHT, is a huge success across the Atlantic and the journalist takes advantage of a few tens of minutes of airtime to address the hot topics of the moment.

Inevitably, the battle between the FBI and Apple could not but interest the journalist, who has made a long presentation of the case in about twenty minutes stripping (and which Apple also takes a little rank in passing) 20 minutes during which the FBI arguments are removed one by one; Oliver returns and long on assertions of justice (and Obama) that it would be possible to create a backdoor only used by a small group of "trusted" and recalls that ALL the most renowned security experts believe that these same claims have absolutely no sense.

John Oliver also poses a simple question: what is the point of weakening the encryption of the iPhone and risking loss of updated code even though anyway hundreds of encryption applications are already circulation, like the Telegram messaging app? This is again corrosive, bright, funny and often very educational course; pure John Oliver, who still require a good level of English to take advantage ...

A new expansion for Hearthstone: The Whispers of the Old Gods

And an extension of more to Hearthstone, a! So Blizzard has announced that his card game would develop soon a new extension called Whispers of the Old Gods; and in view of some of the 143 cards that accompany the update, there is little doubt that developers are fans of the world of C'thulu! One of the cards "legendary" in this pack is a sprawling same god named C'Thun (your wishes)! Fifteen other cards will be directly related to this important and central god in the new extension. And as Blizzard is nice, C'Thun the card will be available to millions of Hearthstone players since they will of course be procured Whisper of the Old Gods!

The extension Whisper Old Gods will be available in late April / early May by Blizzard; Meanwhile, it is already possible to pre-order the extension (which gives the right to an exclusive back card among others) and admire some of the new cards in this promising update:

The App Store is on the loose in several countries

For several hours now, the App Store Spanish, British and New Zealand display strange categories, consisting only of numbers, because of what appears to be a big bug in the processing algorithm, it does not seem able to properly treat apps names containing numbers. The strangest thing is that the bug is not reproducible in all shops Apps (impossible to get the same results in France), as if all the App Store were not exactly the same version level. Alerted on his Twitter account, Phil Schiller acknowledged that "this should not happen" and that its teams would look at the problems more closely...
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