Google Photos now supports Live photos on iPhone 6s and Split View in iPad Pro

Google Photos now supports Live photos on iPhone 6s and Split View in iPad Pro
Google Photos now supports Live photos on iPhone 6s and Split View in iPad Pro

Google released a update to its Google Photos tonight to iOS users (App Store Link - Free - iPhone / iPad). Google sometimes takes time to integrate the latest in Apple applications / services. This is now done for the application to store your photos and videos for free on Google's servers.

Live Photos captured with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are now supported. The user can store the photos on Google and then (again) in the future. Concerning the substrate, the application also supports iPad Pro. Users with this tablet and other iPad can also enjoy Split View to have Google Photos left of the screen and another application to right (or vice versa, it's your choice). This will do two things at once.

Otherwise, Google says have reduced the cache size as the iPhone or iPad lack of storage space. Improvements for navigation in the application and overall performance are also waiting for you.

Sunday work in Apple Store: Apple France made new proposals

Apple has made new proposals for work on Sundays in Apple Store. With Macron law, Apple may open shops on Sundays in commercial and tourist areas. Initial proposals were made last December, but had been criticized by the collective of Parisian trade unions Clic-P, saying that Apple wanted to sign a "low cost agreement" with "extremely weak safeguards" for employees.

Today, the manufacturer has revised upwards its proposals, but they are still considered insufficient "given the size of the group and what other retailers offer" said an official of the CGT AFP. Apple now offers hours increased 100% on Sunday (against 65% previously), one Sunday a day of rest worked with a maximum of five Sundays, 500 per year for support for childcare costs and a reimbursement of travel expenses for 40 euros per working Sunday.

But the head of the CGT, "these proposals at least, that provide no real guarantee of volunteerism and are significantly lower than those offered in other stores" in the negotiations on Sunday working, are "all more outrageous in light of profits earned by the electronics giant. "

Final proposals for the signing of the agreement to work on Sundays must be submitted by 31 March.

A man buys an iPhone 6s and ends up with a padlock

Alans Ng, a user living in Malaysia, told her story on her Facebook account where a purchase of an iPhone is connected. This user has gone through the online platform Street11 to buy an iPhone 6s or 16 GB for 3,109 ringgit, or 693 euros. This is less than the official price of 3,199 ringgit on site or 713 euros.

The man has bought his iPhone and was in a hurry to receive it. A few days passed and the driver came with the product. Problem, the box contained no iPhone smartphone, but ... a padlock. The user has shared her story on her Facebook account where he was able to collect several thousand shares.

The amazing concerns the box the iPhone that was covered by a blister, suggesting that the iPhone may have been replaced by an employee on the assembly chain in China. The truth of the story is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the online platform Street11 took care of the user's business and gave it a real iPhone this time. Street11 said take very seriously these criminal acts considered and tries to limit the maximum, like any good shop. The police are now investigating the case.

OS X 10.11.4 and watchOS 2.2: 6th beta is available

Just after proposing the sixth beta of iOS 9.3, Apple OS X attacks and watchOS. Interestingly, Apple does not offer a new beta for tvOS this time, when the manufacturer is accustomed to do at the same time as other operating systems.

On the side of OS X 10.11.4, going from the beta 5 build 15E56a with the beta 6 build with 15E61b. The little change in the numbering suggests that Apple is about to finalize OS X 10.11.4, it is surely bug fixes to this point and not other changes.

The side of the Apple Watch, Apple moves from beta 5 with the build 13V5141a for watchOS 2.2 beta 6 build with 13V5143a. This time, the change is even lighter than OS X. Again, Apple seems to have almost finished developing watchOS 2.2.

The final versions of OS X 10.11.4 and watchOS 2.2 should arrive by the end of the month, alongside iOS 9.3. Apple will hold a keynote on March 21, availability may be done that day. TvOS about 9.2, no new beta for now, but the final version could go out on the same date.
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