iOS encryption the tone rises between Apple and the US government

iOS encryption the tone rises between Apple and the US government
iOS encryption the tone rises between Apple and the US government

The tone is suddenly escalated between the US government and in the case of Apple iOS encryption, even two notches. The first salvo came yesterday from the DoJ (Department of Justice), which criticized very sharply the arguments of Cupertino, considering the same "toxic to institutions". Counsel for the DoJ, Eileen Decker, head ball attack, explaining that all the Apple rhetoric aims only to forget that "Apple wants desperately - desperately needed - that this case is not that of a single iPhone "; Yet it is the FBI boss in person - not Apple - which speaks of jurisprudence about the iPhone San Bernardino, and considers that this case will resolve in turn one of the many iPhone "stuck" in other court cases (Cowey declined to give a specific figure before Congress); The Attorney Cyrus Vance New York also holds some very close and goes even further by asking quick release processes to implement, to trivialize these decryption procedures for any of it matter justice where iPhone are involved.

Eileen Decker continues its charge accusing Apple of not being very cooperative in this matter; for a society "multibillion dollar" and high of 100,000 employees, is to make available a dozen engineers to modify the source code of iOS should not pose particular problems, contrary to claims Tim Cook. The lawyer also accuses Apple openly practicing double game with China, agreeing there it refuses here. But the highlight of this vitriolic criticism is the charge, serious, Apple is not the FBI would actually be responsible for the fact that we were unable to retrieve data from iCloud iPhone terrorist. The password of the account had indeed been changed by Farouk himself a few days before the attack.

In this case, explanations of Eileen Decker does not include: having changed the code of days earlier would not have mattered to iCloud automatically backs up data from the device (including pictures) because Farouk had served its iPhone later ... and was thus confirmed the new iCloud password from the iPhone. The argument is technically so false that it is even reasonable to ask if the lawyer does not knowingly ment knowing that the public will not have sufficient technical knowledge to realize the deception. Recall also that again, it is again the boss of the FBI confirmed that the "ball" was good for his services, the latter having changed the iCloud password after the death of the terrorist, which prevented the Automatic backup of iPhone data (it should have set the new password from the iPhone ... blocked by code).

Before the violence of the attack, Bruce Sewell, Apple's legal chief, was not embarrassed to say civilized forms for all the evil he thought of the little paper DoJ, recalling that thirty year career he had never read so clearly oriented paper for the sole purpose of dragging the other party in the mud. Sewell speaks well of "allegations" that Apple "deliberately made changes to block the authorities demands," the "shocking" allegations for legal expert. Sewell accuses even the DoJ lie about China, and believes that the government and use of "hopeless" case, "to the point of sending the dishes against the wall" (or stirring of the wind if you will ... ). Now, this is actually the war between Apple and the US government.

Apple allows users to download audio books again

Apple offers a feature for its users, namely the ability to redownload previously purchased content from iTunes. This applies to music, movies, videos, applications, books and ringtones. From now on, audio books can be added to the list.

Apple announced the change in a document published on its website (the French version is not yet updated). 22 countries now have this feature, including France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. Before this change, users had to synchronize audio books from their PC or Mac with iTunes to your iPhone or iPad.

Speaking of audio books, Apple made a change that appears with iOS 9.3. The latest beta dated offers the ability to automatically download the books on iBooks and audiobooks. IOS 9.2.1 and earlier versions, the option only offers this service for books.

For those who wonder how a new audio book is downloaded, simply open iBooks and seek purchased audio book. A cloud icon appear, it allows the user to retrieve the audio book without paying again. This system is valid as iOS on iTunes on Windows and OS X.

Miitomo will be available next March 17 in the App Store Japan

We cannot really say that the announcement of Miitomo has triggered a tidal wave of enthusiasm among mobile gamers. The first Nintendo game for iOS and Android platforms almost looks like a gag not with these lovely characters (Miis) used here avatars for a courier clearly intended for 2-5 years. Nintendo has nevertheless launched (or rather dared to launch) pre-orders for its "game", indicating a release date for the month of March.

Miitomo now has a release date, so it will be March 17 in Japan at first. It is somewhat surprising that Nintendo seems to have some delays location even as the announcement of the title was not geographically limited, but it is. That said, it is not certain that a delay or even a cancellation of the game in the world is a great loss.
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