iPad 9.7-inch Pro details on the price and storage capacity arrived

iPad 9.7-inch Pro details on the price and storage capacity arrived
iPad 9.7-inch Pro details on the price and storage capacity arrived


Final details about the 9.7-inch iPad Pro are unveiled today thanks to sources of 9to5Mac. Two elements are announced: the price and storage capacity. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro will start at 599 dollars, 100 dollars more than the current iPad Air 2 has the same screen size. However, this model is presented more as a complementary rather than a successor model of the iPad Air 2. The latter will always be marketed after the keynote Monday.

For storage, 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be available with 32 GB of storage at entry. The price of $ 599 applies to this model Wi-Fi variant. It will also be possible to take a model with 128GB of storage space and a connection to the 4G network operators.

Why a price higher than the iPad Air 2 while the screen is the same size? Because the components are not the same. The new iPad will be a "mini iPad Pro" in the outline with a lot of power (A9X processor as the iPad Pro), a Smart Connector for attaching accessories (such as an external keyboard), support for Apple Pencil, four speakers, a better camera (12 megapixels) and the ability to shoot in 4K.

The supposed shells iPhone SE unsuitable totally on iPhone 5s

Several shells iPhone OS are emerging these days, they are expected to unveil the design of the new model with its 4-inch screen. We already know that the design will most similar to the iPhone 5s came out in 2013, but he will be 100% identical?

MacRumors has obtained a shell and was installed on an iPhone 5s to see any differences. At first glance, nothing shocks, the shell seems to be good. However, there are changes that announce minor changes on the famous SE iPhone.

The iPhone 5s has a rectangular design in slices, where the shell looks better fit a model with slightly rounded edges. This goes in the direction that the screen of the iPhone OS could be like that of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, ie slightly curved on the edges.

The other detail that stands out is at the level of the volume buttons. They should have the same shape as those of the iPhone 5s, but be placed slightly higher.

Full details will be given by Apple on Monday from 18 hours. Broadly, the iPhone OS should have a design similar to the iPhone 5s with several features of the iPhone 6s.

Apple Watch: Apple dominate the watch market connected to 2020

The analyst firm IDC has good and bad news about the Apple Watch. The good news is that according to the omens IDC, Apple dominates the watch market connected through 2020. Watch Apple's market share is expected to peak at 49.4% in 2016: a connected watch two will be an Apple Watch.

The bad news is that the market for connected shows slow to take off. IDC estimates that "only" 28 million smartwatch will sell this year, including 14 million Apple Watch; it is little, and it's mostly almost identical to Apple Watch sales estimated for 2015, given that the marketing of Apple toquante started only in April ... The other bad news is that like what happened in the smartphone market, Android Wear eventually make up ground on watchOS with a small gap of 2.6 points PDM in 2020 (37.6 % for the Apple Watch as against 35% for Android Wear watches under).

Beyond the two leading systems is a bit dreary plain for competition, RTOS (10% in 2020) to the unfortunate Tizen (6.6%) through Pebble OS, which would increase from 7% to 2 7% market share.

Developers use increasingly OS X and just under Linux

Many will perhaps know it, but many developers prefer Linux to Windows or OS X. This choice is explained by several factors, including the availability of several tools available to advanced users. But now, developers are slowly beginning to change platform. The Stackoverflow site, well known by developers to ask questions and expect answers from other developers to help them publish some data. One is interesting, it shows that developers with a Mac are becoming more numerous, with a share of 26.2% (against 21.5% a year ago). Those under Linux have a share of 21.7% (against 20.5% a year ago). Finally, the most numerous are on Windows with a share of 52.2% (against 54.5% a year ago). For information, the version where they are most present is Windows 7, and Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista finally.

Regarding mobile, Apple's Swift programming language is the second most loved with 72.1% (the first being Rust with 79.1%). The Android development is more important than on iOS (61.9% against 47.5%), but note that the share for iOS is pretty important, especially when you consider that the number of sold Android smartphones is far more important than the number of iPhone.
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