iPad Air 3 Pro a leak shell photo confirms the rumors

iPad Air 3 Pro a leak shell photo confirms the rumors
iPad Air 3 Pro a leak shell photo confirms the rumors

Steve Hemmerstoffer, who defines himself as a serial leaker comes to finding a new "leak" about this time the shell of what appears to be the next Air iPad 3. And in all likelihood, at least if the considering these pictures to be reliable, the iPad Air 3 will be well "Pro" at the edges, and borrow many design and certain components of its very big brother. The specific opening we find in effect for the smart connector (which is used to attach the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard) as well as offices for the speakers.

The cause was almost certainly heard, and there is almost no analyst doubt that the iPad 3 will be rather an Air Pro iPad mini. Say Hemmerstoffer just cut short speculation ...

Craig Federighi answers the apps during multitasking in iOS load times question

This common question: should leave applications in multitasking? Some do it because it frees up RAM. However, it is not advisable to do so generally because the closed applications are no longer maintained. Therefore, everything must be recharged the next time.

An iPhone user contacted by email Tim Cook whether Apple boss frequently left applications in multitasking and if necessary for autonomy. Craig Federighi, the man in charge of iOS and OS X at Apple, took the baton and responded to email. He says not to leave the applications in multitasking and added that this does not improve the autonomy of the iPhone or iPad.

When we invoke multitasking, iOS displays the latest open applications. All are not necessarily in use however, which strengthens About Craig Federighi. Quit an application in multitasking should only be done when this plant or bug. For the rest, no need to touch it.

Craig Federighi ends his email with a smiley-shaped smile and thanking the user to be an Apple customer. If necessary, here the email addresses of Tim Cook and Craig Federighi: tcook@apple.com and federighi@apple.com.

Apple is due to the withdrawal of FlexBright, an app that changes the brightness on your iPhone

This week an application on behalf of FlexBright has appeared on the App Store. Acceptance by Apple surprised since the application allows you to change the brightness of an iPhone to move towards a yellowish screen. This allows to rest the eyes at night especially. The surprise is that F.lux, an application on Mac and Windows, did the same and Apple had blocked a few months ago.

Today, the developer of FlexBright told MacRumors why his application has also been removed from the App Store. Apple informed him that his use of three special classes in the code of the application was not acceptable. The developer acknowledges having "re-created three classes based on non-public APIs," but notes that "basically they use the same methods as in their non-public API." To recall, a developer cannot use private APIs in its application.

The other reason given by Apple is the use of the principle of "sound silent", it makes running a permanently applied in the background. The developer has to believe that Apple audio player was used, but it was not true. Apple has decided to withdraw its application for two reasons given.

However, this proves that the developer was able to spend the cracks of the App Store. Its application should not have been the first time.
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