iPhone 7 and iPhone SE the cases reveal some details about the design

iPhone 7 and iPhone SE the cases reveal some details about the design
iPhone 7 and iPhone SE the cases reveal some details about the design


With the case for iPhone SE, there is very little difference with the current iPhone 5s. The only real change is at the level of the volume buttons, they seem to be a top coat on the iPhone SE. But for the rest, the design is more than similar to the iPhone released in 2013.

Regarding the case of the iPhone 7 now, there are some changes. The most obvious is in the back, space for the camera moves to the point of being bigger than the iPhone 6 / 6s. This suggests that Apple will integrate a bigger sensor. On the lower end, there are two large areas, suggesting that Apple will put two speakers (against one to date) and will give up the jack.

SE for iPhone, we will quickly set since the presentation will be next Monday. IPhone 7, it will be a little more patient and wait until September before seeing the changes compared to the iPhone 6s.

Sonic the Hedgehog arrives on Apple TV and two others arrive

That Sonic fans rejoice: the blue hedgehog landed on the Apple TV. After making his debut in 2013, Sonic The Hedgehog is now stepping on the Apple TV. It is proposed for € 2.99, but wants free for those who have downloaded the game on iOS. Indeed, it is the same application, it is sufficient to recover it for free on the App Store by clicking the cloud icon.

In the game, the player is Sonic and tumbles to the speed of light in seven classic zones. The hero in short loops while collecting rings and defeating enemies in this mission to save the world from the evil Dr. Eggman.

The version for Apple TV is a simple remastering of the iOS version, neither more nor less. The interest is to play on the big screen with the remote control Apple TV or iPhone, as desired.

Sonic The Hedgehog is now available on the App Store for tvOS. It will not be the only one since Sega has announced the arrival of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for 24 March and Sonic CD March 31.

The manufacturer of the iPhone's GPU will lay off 350 people

It will be difficult not to see a sign of slowing sales of iPhone: the manufacturer of the iPhone GPU Imagination announces that it will separate 350 employees; the measure takes effect immediately for 200 engineers of the British company, and another cart 150 departures is scheduled for February.

Fantasy cautions that its core business activities will not be affected by the restructuring plan: the branches Imagination's PowerVR business (graphics and business), Processors (GPUs that are found in our iPhone) and connectivity are at priori spared. Personal departures as well as sales rationalization measures should allow Imagination to find the way of profits after a quarter in the red: Fantasy poster indeed 7.3 million pounds loss, against £ 5 million of the profits last year in the same period.

Against all odds - but should we take his word? - These poor results are therefore not directly related to Apple slump in the smartphone market. Yet imagination is the almost exclusive distributor of Apple in the mobile market (except for a partnership with Intel) and it seems logical that any jolts of iPhone sales spill over the group's backlog. The truth is perhaps elsewhere, that after all iPhone sales may not be decreased as much as some analysts suggest ...

Tim Cook interview to talk of Apple's battle against the FBI

Tim Cook, Apple boss, gave a long interview to Time magazine. Not surprisingly, the fierce battle against Apple FBI is mentioned, with the Federal Police who wants to force Apple to unlock the iPhone San Bernardino shooter. This interview is interesting because it provided a few days before Apple is facing the FBI in US courts. This meeting will take place on March 22, a day after the keynote of the iPhone OS.

Apple chief says not having loved the tactics employed by the FBI and the US government for the requirement to unlock the iPhone. It also has not enjoyed learning the request of the FBI by the media or the fact that the critical choices FBI Apple, considering that the manufacturer would lie about such intentions. "I am hurt by this. Really hurt by this, "said Tim Cook.

He also noted that the FBI and the US government wants to use the All Writs Act legislation to win the battle against Apple in court. This text (created in 1789) requires a company to take steps to advance an investigation, whatever the means. Tim Cook, if it works, then what will happen in the future? "Maybe it will create an operating system monitoring. Maybe the police will ask to activate the camera on your Mac. “He will not yield.

Tim Cook adds that the FBI indicates it wants to access a single iPhone, but he knows that this is not the case. "It's really about the future."
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