iPhone 7 pictures leaked with dual camera sensor and device frame

iPhone 7 pictures leaked with dual camera sensor and device frame
iPhone 7 pictures leaked with dual camera sensor and device frame


Several pictures supposed to rotate about the iPhone 7 have appeared this weekend. The first is linked to the camera, while others are related to the appliance frame.

He said that the iPhone 7 Plus would have a dual camera sensor, a first for Apple. A photo of such a sensor has just made its appearance, and some are indications suggest it will be for the next iPhone. As Nowhereelse rating, we can see the words "mk" and "821" as an identification number. The supplier of Apple used the same sheets on the latest iPhone. All indications are that the photo sensor will be good for the iPhone 7 (Plus).

The other photo set lingers iPhone chassis 7. The design should be more than similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, a somewhat surprising choice. The bands of the antennas in the back are more discreet, they are found only on the top slice, bottom and sides. On the side of the camera, the aperture is larger than the iPhone 6s and a little closer to the edge. Finally, the jack does seem absent.

Leaks around the iPhone 7 and 7 more are expected to increase over the months. The presentation is expected in September, and not before.

Apple is considered to be the company that treats women better

The high-tech enterprises are composed largely of men (69% for Apple). Women are becoming more and more, many companies have already announced take steps to employ more. Meanwhile, is that employees are treated as well as men?

Fairygodboss conducted their investigation by searching more than 20 000 women. 72% of Apple employees feel well treated within the company. The manufacturer site and at the first position of the ranking. This is followed by Google with 59% and Microsoft with 58%. Those who are in the 50% mark are Intel (41%), Amazon (40%), HP (37%) and Oracle (30%).

Other polls reveal other good points to Apple. The happiest employees are Apple with an average of 4.1 out of 5 (the highest rating among other companies). Furthermore, 79% of employed Apple would be willing to recommend it to other women to join Apple to work. Again, Apple moves to the first position.

For those who want to learn more about diversity at Apple, just click here. The manufacturer details the number of men / women, the number of employed whites, blacks and other information.

Jailbreak iOS 9.1: list of compatible tweaks

A new jailbreak was born yesterday, it concerns iOS 9.1. This news surprised for two reasons: nobody expected it and the team Pangu hackers had not done teasing on arrival. The jailbreak can be done on both Windows and Mac.

But once you have jailbroken their device, what are the tweaks that can be installed? Indeed, it may take a while before developers update their tweaks to ensure compatibility with a newer version of iOS. Fortunately, most of the tweaks that work well with iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2 pose no problem with iOS 9.1.

A list is available from this address, it helps to know whether the compatibility is ensured to date. The list is updated continuously to show users where change. Indeed, a tweak may not work today but will be tomorrow with an update. Just look at the list to have a global vision.

There are three elements to consider: YES (green) means that the tweak works on iOS 9.1, partially (yellow) means that there may be bugs and NO (red) means that the tweak n ' is not yet compatible with iOS 9.1
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