Miitomo first mobile game from Nintendo is available in the Japanese App Store

Miitomo first mobile game from Nintendo is available in the Japanese App Store
Miitomo first mobile game from Nintendo is available in the Japanese App Store


As expected, therefore Miitomo just released in the App Store Japan, and globally the "game" is waiting for the release; it is so much a messaging of a very particular kind since we have to communicate (with one person at a time) through avatars, Miis, which can also import its Nintendo account. The app will search the Contacts list people who own they also have Miitomo to urge the user to make contact; for those who have the courage or have a lack of clean enough love to overcome this first hurdle, then follows a mail dialogue between Miis totally surreal!

It is of course possible to buy new clothes for their Mii (with real money) to offer virtual gifts, and share photos of their Mii in full ecstasy. Well, you'll understand the first returns on the game are almost as disillusioned as notice before launching ...

Apple News paper made its pub (and it's a bit ironic ...)

Apple News exists, and Apple wants to know loudly ... by launching an advertising campaign "paper" traditional. Thus, in the cities of San Francisco, New York and Chicago, it is now possible to cross the street corner an advertisement promoting the aggregation of news service. On the theme of "Everything in one place", this year appears to be a shift in Apple's communication strategy Apple News, the service has been launched in almost total discretion.

After a big update to allow small publishers get a place on the service and the announcement of the arrival of sponsored articles, Apple has passed the second and highlights some of its partners (ESPN on first image). It's still ironic that Apple comes to brag about his digital app news ... through a traditional advertising campaign and on paper ...

iPhone OS: the name, NFC and 16GB of storage confirmed through the box

On Monday, Apple will unveil the iPhone OS in a keynote at the headquarters in Cupertino. The biggest piece of this conference will be the iPhone OS, a new model with a 4-inch screen. His name was widely circulated with some uncertainty: iPhone 6c, 5se iPhone and iPhone OS. Finally, the last will be good.

A photo supposedly unveil the box of the iPhone OS has appeared on the social network Weibo. It confirms three information. The first is the name of the smartphone, the words "iPhone OS" is there. The second is information storage space, ie 16GB. He had already said that the iPhone would be available with 16 and 64 GB of storage space, where the iPhone 5s is available with 16 and 32 Go. the third information is the NFC that will be present. This confirms an availability of apple pay with the new terminal of Apple, as the last iPhone.

The iPhone OS should be an iPhone 5s at the design level (with slight alterations) and iPhone 6s under the hood (for the processor and the camera). The price should be fixed on the iPhone 5s today. Apple will give all the details Monday from 18 hours.

Apple offers its application to see the keynote of the iPhone OS on Apple TV

In four days of the keynote, Apple offers to download its application Apple Events that will see the live call from his Apple TV. Apple changed its system, the application in question automatically appear in users so far. Now, go download it manually from the App Store. It is of course free.

Apple says nothing special, except "Come back on March 21 at 18.00 (local time) to watch the live event." the date is seen on the left, time and place, namely Cupertino, California in the United States. This will actually on the Apple campus. Meanwhile Monday, users can (re) see previous keynotes with the presentation of currently marketed products, the application offers each keynote at the bottom of the screen.

The manual download must be done for those with an Apple TV 4 from the App Store. Those with an Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 will certainly have the automatically because they have no App Store available. The string should appear in the next few days.

This keynote will be the opportunity to discover the iPhone OS with a 4-inch screen, an iPad Pro 9.7-inch and new bracelets for the Apple Watch. We will cover the event to unveil all the news in real time.
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