Orange Mail updated with new design for the iPhone and iPad version first

Orange Mail updated with new design for the iPhone and iPad version first
Orange Mail updated with new design for the iPhone and iPad version first

Orange launches a new version of its application to read emails (App Store Link - Free - iPhone / iPad). The operator may wonder, knowing that we move from version 1.6.1 to version 3.0.1. But no matter, several new features are planned here.

On iPhone, a new design much update appeared. You've got to love the white, it's everywhere! Orange now speaks of interface "intuitive." For the rest, it becomes possible to connect multiple email boxes Orange, to move from one email to another by swiping left or right or even disconnect.

The other big piece of this update is the support for iPad. Indeed, the application was only proposed for iPhone far. Users with a tablet will be able to find the same design as the version for smartphone with, again, a lot of white.

Apple vs FBI: the former CEO of lavabit brandished the threat of an exodus of US companies

Ladar Levison is the former CEO of lavabit, a company that was originally an ultra-secure mail client and encrypted. Levinson and knows what he's talking about encryption and with the authorities of Justice since 2013, the former CEO preferred to close lavabit rather than providing the FBI the keys of encryption Mail service.

For Levinson, the implications of FBI requests go far beyond a simple unlocked iPhone, which will have also pushed to sign a support to Amicus Apple, as 40 other US business leaders. Levinson's arguments are simple and clear: if Apple is forced to abdicate, iPhone users may be tempted not to update their mobile for fear of ending up with a malware from hackers or government itself (Snowden documents confirm also that the FBI and the NSA have worked and probably still working on iOS malware "invisible"). And if iOS updates are not installed, it can endanger the overall security of iOS since many flaws are corrected during these automatic updates.

Especially, Radar Levinson even worse considering and does not hesitate to provide that if the FBI has its way, many US companies specialized in the field of computer security and encryption might simply leave the United States; thus, the company Silent Circle has moved its headquarters in Switzerland, where the right to privacy and confidentiality of data is better "respected". We imagine Apple not really do the same thing (we must cushion the Campus 2) but who knows ...

IBooks trial: the US Supreme Court rejects appeal of Cupertino

Decidedly, between Apple and the justice of his country, that's not really true love; between the drastic decline in the amount of the penalty Samsung (Trial 2012), the sentence in the price iBooks case, the rejection of another appeal in a case still opposing the South Korean giant and bickering with the FBI, Apple is far from the rule of law through the United States (which contrasts quite strongly with the anti-trust lawsuit abandonment against Google for example). To complete the picture lackluster, the US Supreme Court has refused to grant his time at the request of the California appeal of the trial verdict having opposed Amazon.

The Supreme Court does not revisit the $ 450 million that was to pay Apple at the end of the trial, of which 400 million will accrue to consumers, 20 million in thirty US states and 30 million in reimbursement of legal costs the complainants.

Apple Store in Marseille: the Genius begin to be trained for a future opening

The Apple Store in Marseille starts slowly but surely taking shape. This will be the second Apple store in the Bouches-du-Rhône, the first being located in Aix-en-Provence, a half-hour from Marseille.

Reportedly, Apple began now to form its future Genius, these people who will be there to help customers in case of problems with their iPhone, iPad or Mac. Training began there soon. We prefer not to disclose the place where it takes place out of respect for employees.

According to our information, Apple informed the employees that the future opening of the Apple Store Marseille will be at the end of April. Apple will not say anything on the subject for a few weeks yet, the date should be formalized publicly by next month.

For its part, MacG noted that Apple has registered its Marseilles Apple Store in the commercial register in the last few days. This means that there is progress, Apple may officially open its while respecting the French law boutique. This step is required. For information, the Apple Store in Marseille will be located at Terrasses du Port, the new commercial center of Marseille near the district of Joliette.
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