Pwn2Own 2016 multiple vulnerabilities discovered in OS X and Safari

Pwn2Own 2016 multiple vulnerabilities discovered in OS X and Safari
Pwn2Own 2016 multiple vulnerabilities discovered in OS X and Safari

Each year, the Pwn2Own contest arises. This is an opportunity for hackers, security researchers and other experts to find flaws to make money. Listed Apple products, security researcher Junghoon Lee won 60,000 dollars to have unearthed no less than four faults on Mac (Safari and one in three in OS X). With these faults, he could get the Mac privileged rights and can do what he wants. No need to have the password for the session. Also on Mac, Tencent Security Team Shield group touched $ 40 000 by finding a few flaws, passing again by Safari.

You should know that Apple is following closely the Pwn2Own contest is a way to know size of flaws and so the butcher with a software update. We can therefore expect that found loopholes are plugged with a next OS update X. Perhaps with OS X 10.11.4, due out next week.

Besides Apple products, hackers and researchers have been interested in Google Chrome, Adobe Flash and other software. In all, the total amount earned by participants is $ 282,500 dollars.

Promo of the week: 60% of discount on magnetic bracket with USB Car Charger Integrated

Each week the store will offer an accessories only available for a few days. These accessories will be offered only during this operation and promotion.

For this new appointment, here is the car carrier Magnetic Magnetic BrainWizz Universal USB Car Charger with Integrated. The price is 11.95 euros instead of 24.95 euros or 57% discount (shop link - sale ends Monday, March 21 to 23h - black or white).

Super car concept behind this support which has an integrated USB port (up to 1.5 A) to charge your smartphone simultaneously. 2 in 1 design, combined with magnetic attachment 1 USB car charger. You can adjust the best viewing angle for your smartphone, and you can also charge your device simultaneously. It is very practical in your daily life.


- Powerful Magnet: The magnetic medium is a universal phone holder that hooks your phone effortless. As long as you respect the adhesive metal plate on your device and you place your device near the magnetic surface, it can easily and safely hold your smartphone.
- Adjust your vision of comfort: The gooseneck is flexible and customizable, and it can give you the freedom to angle for perfect vision. And you can fully adjust the phone in any position and angle in a 360 degree rotation, with one hand. You can drive more safely.
- 1 USB Charging Port: Incorporating protection against surges. It can automatically detect your chip by IC devices to provide optimum power and achieve fast speed and high efficiency charging.
- Easy to use: After installation, the blue LED indicator will be bright when you plug the car charger into the socket of the cigarette lighter. Not only can hold your smartphone, but it also allows recharging.
- The package includes: 1 x magnetic media BrainWizz USB car charger; 1 x adhesive metal plate; 1 x metal plate; 1 x USB charger cable; 1 x user manual


- Design 2 in 1: magnetic media phone and USB charger - Maximum length of gooseneck: 200 mm
- 1 charge USB ports: 5 VDC, 1.5 A
- Power supply: DC12-24V
- Overvoltage and overcurrent
- Blue LED indicator

The jailbreak of Apple TV 4 is delayed

After releasing the jailbreak for iOS 9.1, the team of hackers Pangu announced that the first jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 was born. Availability should have been done for this week, but as we can see there has been nothing. The team of hackers reacted on Twitter.

"We still need a few more days to test the jailbreak Apple TV 4. We will offer an API for you to sign yourself to put it on the Apple TV" it said in the tweet.

The term IPA may be unfamiliar to some users. IPA is simply the file type of an application for iOS. EXE files were on Windows, Mac and IPA APP for iOS applications. So users will have to sign themselves what IPA file (using Xcode) to turn on the Apple TV jailbreak and thus the case.

Pangu had already announced that this would be the first jailbreak for advanced users and this is confirmed today. It will be interesting to see the uses it with jailbreak, they were already many of the old Apple TV.
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