Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review the Perfect Smartphone of 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review the Perfect Smartphone of 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review the Perfect Smartphone of 2016

Even more futuristic

Upon opening the box, we find what is now a trademark of the Edge range, ie this sleek futuristic design and enhanced with decidedly upscale materials in the shell, such as metal ( here a magnesium alloy) or glass. And a mobile 5.5 inches, the Galaxy S7 Edge is rather light as it weighs only 130 grams. The unit comes with a black headset, a USB / micro-USB charger, micro-USB adapter and a metal piece to open the SIM card tray. Our test model runs on the latest Exynos 8890 64bit brand, composed of 8 cores each clocked at 1586 MHz. The 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4 will avoid the effect of datas of bottlenecks and the integrated Mali T880 GPU will make the powder talk to rotate as the biggest game clock.

Despite the 32 GB of storage, only 20 GB is actually available, but it is not really a novelty here (unfortunately). The microSD card slot finally is back, and cleverly placed Samsung in the housing for the card in the same drawer as the SIM, actually just next to it. The battery remains on good behavior; one can definitely not have everything ... Finally, behind the overlay TouchWizz include the latest version of Android, 6.0.1 (Marshmallow).

OLED reference and without any defect screen

We thought we had seen everything in terms of screen quality since the Galaxy S6 or the latest Lumia 950, but Samsung's engineers are certainly capable of the feats in this area. The items displayed by the OLED panel 5.5 inches (or S-AMOLED) seem to literally "stuck" on the screen, like those false papers screens placed on the facades of smartphones arranged on the shelves of shops. It is not here that a resolution of the question, even if the QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) obviously brings an image without pixel no discernible to the naked eye. The Edge S7 OLED screen is indeed at its apex: in full sunny day readability is no problem, reflections are hardly present, of course excellent contrast (black "perfect" on the OLED), angles incredible vision and colorimetry almost perfect. Even better, this spectacular screen remains usable under water (tested and approved in a small basin)! It must be said that one of the new Edge S7 is its IP 68 certification, which means that the device is water resistant and dust proof (immersion for 30 minutes max and up to 1.5 meters deep).

Another "innovation" this screen is of course the display "Always On", which allows for basic information permanently on the screen, such as date and time, for example. This system works very well on the Edge S7 and seems to be nothing detrimental to the autonomy of the unit.

Ultra-responsive interface

Let's use; the first few minutes with the S7 confirm the power of the device; the biometric sensor works instantly, like the iPhone 6s, and has never been found wanting in our tests, which is a first (besides setting is faster). The TouchWizz interface is a total fluidity, like surfing or apps, and you can say the same of the most resource-seekers games (Asphalt 8 turns 60 im / s, all graphic details background). This reactivity was even more interest than the Edge S7 has an original function related to its curved display. A tiny tab is in fact housed in the curve to the right side of the screen, tab can show notifications, specific apps, contact list, etc.... On the Edge S6, access to this tab sometimes showed some failures or slight slowdowns, but nothing like here again, as if the S7 gommait passing the few "defects" of his predecessor. TouchWizz also offers a display mode called "Simplified" and particularly suitable for children ... or for those who have poor eyesight (rectification, a very bad view). As can be expected, the applications or services that broadcast video (random Youtube) taking full advantage of the unit's display qualities (but a bad film is a bad film ...).

The Galaxy S7 Edge breaks the benchmarks Testing Score Records

For those who love the big numbers, even if on our side we prefer above all the sensations in "real use", the Galaxy S7 was strong in our Bench AnTuTu tests by reaching more than respectable score of 87720, this making it the most powerful Android smartphone ... just behind the Huawei Mate 8 (92746); iPhone 6s remains before (around the 110 000); the Bench Basemark OS II, the score is 1787 to global. In short, the Galaxy S7 Edge is a true sports car, but the version with a Snapdragon 820 clearly displays significantly more conclusive results yet in terms of power since it would reach 130,000 AnTuTu points, ahead of even the iPhone 6s (c 'was this version which will be distributed in Europe).

A clairvoyant photo sensor a lemur

The photo sensor has become in recent years one of the key components of a high-end smartphone. Keeping a 12 megapixel sensor, but this time the Dual Pixel sauce, also increasing the size of photosites and passing an f /1.7 (against f / 1.9 for the Edge S6), Samsung has clearly made the right choice; results, especially in low light, appear simply impeccable. The yellowing photo effect is much less present, but above all, the noise level is very low even when shooting done in the dark.

The comparison between pictures taken with the iPhone 6 and the Edge S7 is on this issue ... particularly enlightening; if the iPhone still manages to "recover" a little light, it is at the expense of image quality, very poor and very "noisy" in the end. Another highlight of the S7 Sensor Edge: rapid auto-focus, which is in focus at a tiny fraction of a second, which is very significant when dealing with moving subjects. The photographs LED flash are much better mastered, with "natural" colors and less "burned" by the flash brightness. The video part (1080p) S7 Edge has also received a substantial update: skin tones are rendered better and the sound is clear, detailed, and has a volume revised upwards.

Sound and video at the top; Battery Life super top

The "media" section, no complaints; as has been said about the screen, watching videos is a joy on this machine; however, Samsung has not left out the audio portion. With headphones (one provided by Samsung here), the sound rendering games or YouTube videos is more than adequate, even if he does not expect to sound quality Hi-Fi type.

Regarding Battery Life, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a huge 3600 mAh battery; In theory, this means that it is normally possible to take 2 full days in standard use ... and that's exactly what we could measure. Coming out of the box, the device was already loaded to 50%, but it took a good enough intensive use of day to put on the ball. Undoubtedly, Samsung has greatly improved the battery life of its flagship device with the 7th version ...

In conclusion :

Beautiful, independent, powerful, with a stunning display and a very good photo sensor (maybe even the best), the Galaxy S7 Edge transforms perfect and more perfect and erases some slag of the previous model . The S6 Edge was nevertheless the mobile reference material in 2015, but the S7 Edge manages to do better, which can only pose serious problems for competition. For grievances, almost nothing, to the point that almost from the reserve to formulate; could still quote the tab on the screen curved edge that hardly proves "attainable" with the opposite thumb, which virtually prohibits the use of this function to a hand; on the photo part, there is also some failures on the shutter button, which sometimes lacks sensitivity and forces to be too firm. But apart from these few points of detail (really), the Galaxy S7 only deserves praise: it is a great vintage, best mobile of the beginning of the year and probably in 2016.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review the Perfect Smartphone of 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review the Perfect Smartphone of 2016 Reviewed by Sajid Khan on 4:08 AM Rating: 5

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