The FBI relies on an Israeli firm to unlock the iPhone

The FBI relies on an Israeli firm to unlock the iPhone
The FBI relies on an Israeli firm to unlock the iPhone

For weeks, the FBI wants Apple creates a special version of iOS to withdraw the security of the iPhone San Bernardino shooter. Recently, the FBI finally announced that a third person might have found a method that does not require the help of Apple to access the iPhone. New details are revealed today.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, taken by Reuters, the FBI will be based on Cellebrite. The Israeli firm offers services in direct connection with mobile devices, including the iPhone. If the method works as expected, the FBI can then use to unlock the iPhone shooter is currently protected by a code. If the FBI made 10 attempts bad code, restore the iPhone alone. The shooter had activated the relevant option, he must have known that the US Federal police wanted to rummage through his iPhone to try to retrieve information to advance the investigation to date stopped.

Apple and the FBI had to face in court yesterday but the FBI finally asked to postpone the hearing - just to test the method of Cellebrite. US court has asked the FBI to give news by 5 April whether or not a trial must begin with Apple. If the FBI succeeds with Cellebrite, the case will be dismissed.

Apple still has not solved the problems of Game Center with iOS 9.3

It has been nearly 6 months it lasts: very many iOS players can no longer access the Game Center page on their iPhone or iPad to iOS since the passage 9, desperately remaining white screen while access the Game Center connection settings is completely "frozen"; To make matters worse, some games require connecting to Game Center; over Game Center, so more games (new variant of "No arms, no chocolate"). The problem would be isolated, it still happen (although ...) but it is not at all isolated what a simple keyword search on Google Search to verify.

Apple recommends all reinstall if the problem occurs, which is not an acceptable solution, and this for two reasons; firstly many returns indicate that this only works during a period of a few days to a few weeks and secondly it means having to overwrite backups of progression for many games that do not have iCloud backup. The only serious response from Apple would actually address the problem, and one could hope, as each update since the release of iOS 9, this would be the case with iOS 9.3. Unfortunately no.

Your servant can not go to Game Center since now a quarter, and the iOS 9.3 update sent me the ropes and my white screen. The report is pretty damning: Apple still does nothing to address a concern that affects heavily yet a very important part of the software ecosystem as it is iOS games, is the flagship category of the App Store. Even not wanting to put their hands in the code of a service that has evolved over a long time, so remove this service for at least the developers are not encouraged to make the gateway to their games . Yes, it should; but logic and Apple, quite often these days, it does much more than two.

This Apple casually refuse to consider such a sensitive and widespread bug is one of several elements that are sometimes wonder what would have been Steve Jobs in that situation. Knowing the fate of the team in charge of MobileMe, we already have a first answer ...

Google is preparing a keyboard for iOS with few options

Since iOS 8, interested users can install third-party keyboard on their iPhone or iPad by downloading it from the App Store. The best known is SwiftKey. Other groups prepare their arrival, so Microsoft. But it will not be the only one because Google will join him.

According to The Verge, Google is preparing a keyboard for iOS with different options. They would, unsurprisingly, research-oriented, the chosen field of Google. The keyboard integrate a button to quickly launch a search. Moreover, the user can quickly find images and GIF then send them to your contacts. Announced another function, that of dragging his finger on the letters without having to type them one by one to write a word.

An availability date for this keyboard is not released at this time. Google employees would test it for many now, but it might not emerge if the utility is not considered good enough. design side, it would be "visually different" keyboard Google Android. No precise details are given about it.

For information, third-party keyboards do not meet a great success on iOS. This is somewhat related to Apple actually third keyboards can be slow and sometimes crash. Apple is perhaps indirectly purpose to invite users to enjoy the original keyboard. New Songs 2017
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