The first jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 will be released next week

The first jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 will be released next week
The first jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 will be released next week

On her Twitter account, she announced that a jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 will be released next week. No specific date is given yet, but the team announced that this will concern the users who are on tvOS 9.0.x. Those who have already installed tvOS 9.1 may not, therefore, not enjoy.

But the budding jail-breakers do not cry victory too soon. Indeed, it will be a jailbreak for advanced users, access will only SSH and SSH. There will be no simplified interface to allow anyone to jailbreak Apple TV with a simple software.

Anyway, this jailbreak is "important" because it will be the first jailbreak for Apple's fourth-generation TV. For the record, the third-generation Apple TV has never been jailbreak, it has also led some to obtain the previous model for more functionality.

Steve Wozniak, the platform of the near future comes from Amazon, not Apple

Steve Wozniak'm the co-founder of Apple and keep an eye on what the manufacturer made over the years, this does not prevent him to see the products offered by the competition. For him, the "next big platform in the near future" comes not from Apple but Amazon.

The device in question is Echo, an intelligent speaker that incorporates Alexa, the "Siri Amazon '. Users can say aloud "Alexa" and the speaker will start to listen. Echo can play music, give weather, answer questions, and create reminders, order an Uber. It can also place an order on Amazon.

Steve Wozniak, the fact talking to perform actions became "a wonderful part of our lives." He believes that it is a luxury. "I fell in love with speaking because I hate memorizing." The co-founder of Apple took the opportunity to make a wink and noted that this was an application for the proposed departure from the App Store. It's much more convenient since it is built into iOS. Amazon Echo is only sold in the US for 179.99 dollars. Amazon has never said if the international output was scheduled for a day.

Apple Watch: a patent for summoning assistance in case of heart attack

Let's be honest; some patents filed by Apple leaves us skeptical to say the least, as if the latter were primarily cover the range of possibilities around a concept rather than proposing something really relevant or original (or better yet, both). But whose patent in question here is undoubtedly part of the patents helpful, really helpful; Apple has indeed invented a software connected to cardiofréquecemètre of Apple Watch, which calls itself the aid in case of heart failure or heart runaway. The application process runs continuously in the Apple Watch, always ready in case.

To avoid detection errors (always possible), the software returns to the holder of the Apple Watch Watch a message to validate, thereby cancel the call to follow if nothing unusual really happened; However, if no message is sent, the program concludes there is a good chance that the person really is in big trouble and it is therefore necessary to call for help. Cleverly conceived, anti-myocardial this patent is currently very little chance of being integrated into the next generation of Apple Watch. It is unclear how the FDA indeed validate such software even as the agency also considers that the Apple Watch cannot claim to be a medical device to the medical sense.

Widower's Sky: a superb puzzle game / adventure soon on iOS

Widower's Sky is an adventure / puzzle game in dreamlike atmosphere and impressive art direction. The game tells the story of "a father, his son and a dog on a strange planet"; very strange because in effect there against buildings Escher, the elephants in the forest, and many other activities ... Widower's Sky is a survival since it will defend against a hostile nature (but beautiful but hostile but beautiful, etc ...). The game is 95% complete in the words of the developer, which means that if the output in the App Store is not yet for now we should still not expect too much. Promising.

Encryption: the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve supports the FBI and not Apple

Many French politicians have already announced indirectly support the FBI in the case between the Federal Police and Apple, to the point of wanting to punish the iPhone maker if it cooperates with the authorities in case of a request for information. Bernard Cazeneuve joined.

The Minister of the Interior announced to be the next FBI. "I fully understand the concern of the US administration and (...) I make it mine," said Bernard Cazeneuve during a speech on counterterrorism at George Washington University. But the minister does not want Apple, Google and others turned against the government. "I do not think we should hire a tussle," he said, according to comments reported by AFP. High-tech companies that offers encryption have "interest in being our partners," he said.

"The ecosystem of digital, this is democracy. If democracy is not able to defend itself "against terrorists," the ecosystem is collapsing, "said Bernard Cazeneuve.”It is imperative to find procedures," he said to allow investigators to access the encrypted content.

The Minister of the Interior concluded the subject by saying that citizens demand respect for privacy, but then complain with phrases like "but what did you do to protect us?
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