The supposed iPhone SE cases are appearing Online

The supposed iPhone SE cases are appearing Online
The supposed iPhone SE cases are appearing Online

The iPhone SE is expected to be presented on 21 March, yet very few leaks have emerged about the device. This detail deserves to be highlighted because the iPhone usually reveal several weeks before the official presentation by Apple. While waiting to learn more about design, billed as a mix between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6s, of alleged cases for the smartphone appeared.

These shells are certainly inspired by the drawings published last week and published by OnLeaks. This is precisely the one that publishes pictures of shells. It actually seems to recognize a certain resemblance to the iPhone 5s in outline. Up front, the screen should be slightly curved (like the iPhone 6 / 6s) and the edges should be rounded (like the iPhone 6 / 6s).

The iPhone 5s has the ON / OFF button on the top edge, while the iPhone 6 / 6s was on the edge to the right. What will it be for the iPhone OS? A priori, Apple will let the top, like the iPhone 5s, because the screen will be 4 inches. In turn, the volume buttons should be round and not elongated as the last iPhone.

Other leaks should fall in the next few days, the coming weeks. If anything, Apple has taken steps to ensure that leaks are more limited than for the iPhone.

Facebook manages more 3D Touch on iPhone with Peek & Pop

Facebook improves its a little more support with the iPhone 6s. The social network already incorporated support for shortcuts on the Home screen by pressing so pronounced on the icon. Today is Peek & Pop that are emerging.

Facebook 3D Touch Pop Peek

Remember, Peek & Pop works within applications. In the case of Facebook, support distinctively on a profile, image, link, or other allows a glimpse. If we want to see more, simply press again for more pronounced on the screen. Otherwise, simply remove your finger to find the newsfeed.

Note also the possibility of having shortcuts when it previews a link for example. Facebook offers "Share in a new publication," "Send in Messenger", "Copy link" and "Open in Safari".

This feature has been tested since January, it is now available for all users with an iPhone or 6s 6s Plus. If you have not yet, this should happen in the next hours or coming days to the less fortunate.

It was a little hard to believe, yet the "argument" is black on white on the amicus that the prosecutor of the San Bernardino district has provided support to the FBI. According to the Attorney Michael A. Ramos, therefore, it is legitimate to request access to the iPhone 5c terrorist by any means for the simple reason ... that the mobile could contain, quote, a "cyber- sleeping pathogenic virus "that could have already infiltrated the network San Bernardino County; Not less.

If it was just a discussion over a beer, one might even speculate that this iPhone can contain images of Nessie or the Roswell crash; after all, without any evidence, everything is imaginable, as does also assume that the iPhone can contain material plane of an atomic bomb Isis stashed in Manhattan (one of the members of Congress dared this reconciliation) .. apprentices writers series B will enjoy ...

But then, this is the assumption of a judge, in a written text to justice, and in the context of a serious matter, which is breathtaking security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, "he is possible to interpret this as an amicus designed to mislead courts so that they act irrationally, and manipulate in their favor the final decision vis-à-vis the FBI. No evidence whatsoever has been provided for that the device contains or may contain malware. [...] What they say in summary is that there may be a hidden unicorn in this phone ".

It must be said that refer to a highly dangerous virus dormant (but we only assume the existence) returns for cyber security to use it a point Computer Godwin; and of course the specter of FEAR. This could also be a sign of intense excitement in the camp of those who support the FBI, and often at a loss to provide solid arguments to the debate ... Apple and the FBI will again be opposed on March 22, this time in a court of justice; hope the FBI will be other arguments and also other "friends" that the attorney of San Bernardino...
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