Tim Cook and Silicon Valley Bosses United against Donald Trump

Tim Cook and Silicon Valley Bosses United against Donald Trump
Tim Cook and Silicon Valley Bosses United against Donald Trump

Hurricane Donald Trump is in the process of cleaving America as ever, including the own Republican camp. The very populist billionaire has succeeded in a few months to change that and to appear over time as a candidate for the White House "credible", a perspective that is an embarrassment bosses of Silicon Valley, both for reasons related to their business and their personal convictions. Fears are at such a level that an anti-Trump secret meeting was held last weekend on the sidelines of the World Forum of US companies, on a private island off the coast of Georgia; was present at the crisis meeting the cream of American high-tech, is Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, Larry Page, Google co-founder Sean Parker, creator of Napster and Elon Musk, Tesla boss and SpaceX. One journalist was allowed to participate, Arthur Sulzberger, the editor of the New York Times, as the political guru Karl Rove, popular across the Atlantic.

Besides these figures, some members of the White House and the Senate (including Paul Ryan, spokesman for the White House), representatives of the current majority and the Republican Party were also part of the guest list. We do not know in detail the content of that meeting, but the goal was good to find a common way to "stop Trump" and not understand the mechanisms of its emergence at the highest level.

Notably, only one incident has come enamel courteous these debates, and it involved Tim Cook, who came under virulent criticism of Republican Senator Tom Cotton. Once again, the burden shifted to the encryption of iOS, and Senator are visibly not pull his punches since according to insider Bill Kristol, "everyone was a little embarrassed by the aggressiveness Cotton ". Certainly, encryption iOS really prompt in all discussions ...

Apple surprised by authorizing an application that adjusts the screen brightness

Apple surprised the gallery by accepting an application that lets you adjust the brightness of the screen of an iPhone or iPad. The screen may become increasingly yellow as the hours to rest the eyes, especially at night. The application is called FlexBright (App Store link - € 2.99 - iPhone / iPad).

FlexBright has a peculiarity is to change the color of the screen at all times and not only within the application. The developers explain not use private APIs, they rely on tools authorized by Apple. We can assume that other developers will try it in turn by offering their own applications.

Why a surprise from Apple? Because this application looks like two drops of water F.lux a proposed application on Windows and Mac with the same vocation. The developers behind F.lux want to get their tool on iOS, but have already announced that Apple does not allow it. Their last statement on this subject was in January.

FlexBright may be interesting for users with "old" iPhone / iPad. Indeed, the brightness adjustment works on devices running iOS 7 and iOS 8. And it is not necessary to have a 64-bit device. For its part, Apple will launch a night mode equivalent with iOS 9.3 a few weeks.

Comparison: Galaxy Edge S7 less responsive than iPhone 6s More

It's a little chestnut season after the presentation of a new Galaxy (or new iPhone). In the early game reactivity comparisons, the iPhone comes out very often winner usage tests, the tight Optimization Apple - and also there are few of Ax processors remontrent in competition - for obtaining very good results. This time, therefore, it is an iPhone 6s Plus which is compared to the latest S7 Galaxy Nexus Edge but also 6P and Moto X Pure. The test consist of opening serial applications on all smartphones, and so see what is the most responsive device in this specific task but for the sake of revealing sudden use "real." Note that the Samsung Edge S7 has the latest Exynos and 4G of RAM.

Unsurprisingly, once again, the iPhone 6s outclasses his rivals and won both races of this challenge, with a distinct lead in the second (nearly 20 seconds faster on the 7 and still more than 30 seconds of ahead of the Moto X Pure). Sure, the qHD screens require more competitors in the system, but such a variance is also explained by the famous and especially optimization "Apple" as well as access extremely fast memory (Anandtech has done tests inconclusive on this). Without mastery, the power is said to be nothing; a saying that should be engraved on the back of the iPhone...

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