Users encounter problems installing iOS 9.3 latest update for apple devices

Users encounter problems installing iOS 9.3 latest update for apple devices
Users encounter problems installing iOS 9.3 latest update for apple devices

They seem not so many, but they decided to be heard on Apple forums. Several users reported not being able to install iOS 9.3, available since Monday night on their devices. A priori, the really relevant appliances are old iPad.

If we stick to the different way, users with an iPad 2 are affected. When iOS 9.3 is downloaded from the iPad via the settings, the installation is successful, but the device does not normally restarts. Activation is required and an error message appears on the screen. Knowing that iOS 9.3 was released Monday night, it is understandable that Apple's activation servers were overloaded. But users have still told their problem yesterday.

Some users have found a solution: go through iTunes to update. This is to connect the iPad with the USB cable, do an update search and install iOS 9.3 again. The problem seems to fix later. The good news is that the number of affected users is quite limited. Most users have no problems. We tested on a mini iPad first generation, for example, everything went smoothly.

iPad 9.7-inch Pro: less powerful than the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and half the RAM

Apple has provided iPhone and iPad Pro SE 9.7 inches in the press for her to perform tests during the coming days. Matthew Panzarino, editor of TechCrunch, offers a first look. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is less powerful than the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, although the processor is the same (A9X). Geekbench test, the "small" model gets the score 3022 with the use of a heart 5107 and with multiple cores. In comparison, the "big" iPad Pro gets respectively 3231 and 5 482. The processor is clocked at 2.16 GHz for the iPad 9.7-inch Pro and 2.24 GHz for iPad Pro 12.9 inches.

Side RAM is a disappointment. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has 2GB of RAM (as much as the iPhone 6s, 6s More iPhone or iPhone SE), where 12.9 inch iPad Pro has 4GB RAM, twice. Another disappointment, Apple offers the classic virtual keyboard on the smaller iPad Pro, where we find a more complete virtual keyboard on the large model with a row of additional keys above.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be available to pre-order on March 24 with a marketing from 31 the same month. Prices range from 695 euros to 1205 euros depending on capacity and model (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 4G). To recap, the scenario is reversed on iPhone. The iPhone OS is a more powerful hair than the iPhone 6s, as evidenced by this test.

New MacBook 13-inch and 15 "ultra-thin" expected by this summer

Apple could renew its MacBook this summer, reports Digitimes. The manufacturer would prepare the MacBook 13-inch and 15 "ultra-thin", with a design advertised as being similar to the MacBook and even thinner than the MacBook Air. This is the only information provided by the state, which does not help to get an idea of the product. But we can guess that Apple will introduce the MacBook in question at the opening keynote of WWDC this June 10 where iOS and OS X 10.12 will be presented.

It is possible that Apple declines its current MacBook 12-inch models 13 and 15 inches, while keeping more than a similar design. If this is the case, one wonders if the MacBook Air will not be abandoned in view of its characteristics.

To recall, the 12-inch MacBook starts at 1449 Euros, where MacBook Air starts at 999 euros. This does not however Retina display, which plays in the price. More information will certainly be published within the next weeks about possible new MacBook 13 and 15 inches.

Apple Watch: falling prices and new bracelets

Admittedly, the Apple Watch was not really the prom queen at the Apple Keynote; Californian has nevertheless benefited from its large mass to make some interesting announcements regarding its toquante. Half confession sales worse qu'espérées or single commercial strategy, it is certain that the price of the Apple Watch Sport (entry level) passes 299 dollars / 349 euros (38mm model) and 249 dollars / 399 euros (42mm model) or a substantial discount of 50 euros (or 13% of the original selling price). Now closer to the barrier of 300 as 400 euros (38mm model), the Apple Watch could find a renewed interest among the general public.

The other announcement concerned Apple Watch new bracelets, including a beautiful "Milanese" tinted black (but still expensive) or even nylon bracelets of different colors (59 euros). New combinations watch / bracelets are also available on the Apple website. We still note that Tim Cook wished to recall in this Keynote that Apple Watch was always connected watch that sold the most. The question is to what extent... New Songs 2017
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