Why iCloud backups are not as secure as the iPhone and iPad

Why iCloud backups are not as secure as the iPhone and iPad
Why iCloud backups are not as secure as the iPhone and iPad

If there is indeed a debate that goes around the high-tech news right now is data encryption. Apple is in a conflict with the US government and the FBI, it is interesting to focus a little more on the subject. The content of the iPhone and iOS 8 iPad minimum is encrypted, Apple is not able to get the data because the manufacturer does not have the key to decrypt it. It is for this reason that there is a deal with the FBI around the San Bernardino shooter. But this speech is not quite accurate to iCloud.

In fact, iCloud backups are not as secure as the iPhone and iPad and it is a reason of course. An Apple representative told the reporter Walt Mösseberg it is necessary to be able to decrypt data stored on iCloud to allow users to restore their iPhone and iPad. This option allows you to transfer data from one device to another. If everything was encrypted, there would be a lock because Apple could not send the right information to the iPhone concerned when restoring data.

Apple is able to access data from an iCloud backup. Apple has provided the FBI the information available, but the FBI wants access to the iPhone protected by a code to read messages and obtain such other additional information to trace some footsteps. But Apple cannot do so under current conditions.

While Apple fight against the FBI Amazon removes encryption from its Fire HD and HDX

Amazon has sided with Apple in open struggle against the FBI, but that public support is not really "connection" with the recent decision of online distribution giant to remove the encryption his tablets Fire HD HDX and Fire; the transition to version 5 OS Fire removes simply the encryption option, so much so that Amazon has to crack an explanatory page that users can also save their sensitive data!

This policy change was initiated with the Fire 7, released in late 2015, and was already free of encryption; but this time, the measure applies to all compatible devices with the latest version of Fire OS. This large gap between what is said and what is done by Amazon gives in any event the impression that internally, even at the highest level (ie Jeff Bezos in person), it is not really sharing design privacy prevails at Apple. The worry is that Amazon tablets are essentially gateways to the Amazon online store, and many users will now wonder what is the real level of protection of bank data on mobile devices open to the four winds.

Apple does not broadcast the NFL games on Apple TV

Finally, and this time, rumors are deceived: Apple does not participate in the auction for the rights to broadcast live NFL games. He murmured a few weeks ago that California had the idea to offer the football games in a new service for its Apple TV, information refuted by new sources now say that only Facebook, Amazon, and Yahoo Verizon is still in contention for the bacon.

The games of the NFL (National Football League) yet drain tens of millions of spectators and are broadcast on national channels (as CBS, for example); but it seems that Apple does not want to turn into a Canal+ a (the latter relies heavily on sport and especially the championship of France Football). Corporate culture issue one might say...
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