iOS 10 got a pleasant surprise for iPhone 16GB users and Edge Browser beat the competition

The next version of the mobile operating system from Apple could change the lives of some users. It seems to release a lot of space on the iPhone on which it is installed. The 16GB models could recover up to 1 GB of space. If the latest rumors are true, the next generation iPhone will finally bid farewell to models with 16 GB of storage space. But for all those who had to settle for 16 GB, the future could still book good news. To believe the Reddit users who have installed the first beta of iOS for developers 10, the new operating system from Apple would free up space on the devices on which it is installed.

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The Cupertino Company has not communicated on this, even if it presented a new optimization function of the storage space for Apple Music. Thus, users can ask their iPhone, for example, to delete songs that have not been played for some time, to save room for something else. It seems in any case that Apple has pushed this concern for improved storage a bit further. You can wait and install iOS 10 officially next month anyway, when Apple will open the official beta for the masses. Beware, however, if developers have already had the opportunity to go back some annoying bugs, a beta OS is by definition not finalized and may crash without notice.

Microsoft New Experiment with its Edge Browser against the competition

Microsoft compared the four major browsers during a self-test on its Surface Book. In order to find out the most powerful Web browser? While Google Chrome dominates the market, Microsoft is trying to regain the advantage and has just revealed on their own blog an article touting its Edge browser is far better than the competition, particularly in terms of energy savings.

Experience shows that the video posted on the blog is simple enough, Microsoft used four copies of the same laptop and broadcast high-definition video with four browsers on the market (Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Opera). Google Chrome browser was the first to go off after about 4 h 20 min of operation, followed by that with Firefox (5 hours 9 min) and the one with Opera (6 h 18 min). According to the test, the Edge Browser is the one which held longer with 7 h 22 min of operation, a gain of battery life of 70% compared to the machine using Chrome.

Looking at the video frame by frame, we see that Firefox and Chrome displays for a given time exactly the same frame of video, which is not the case for Opera and Edge. Presumably the last two browsers change the display frame rate to save power. Regarding Opera, the Redmond giant said that the energy saving function is activated. The latter was introduced relatively recently, in May. Microsoft also measured the energy consumption of each browser in the same series of activities (site opening, scrolling pages, and video display). The tests were carried out on current sites such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon and Wikipedia.

Finally, the publisher drives the point by announcing that, as real data collected from millions of computers running Windows 10, Edge is about 35% less energy hungry than Chrome and about 6% less greedy than Firefox. Microsoft does not indicate why Opera is not present in this measure, without doubt it is too recent and too few have been adopted to retrieve meaningful data to users. Microsoft is trying to promote and Edge emphasizing its optimized power consumption and promises to do better in future system updates, particularly in the upcoming anniversary update for Windows 10.

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