Apple keyboards for MacBook Pro Could Use E-ink Buttons

Apple is thinking about acquiring Sonder Design, an Australian startup company that prepares a keypad using e-ink keys, which can change dynamically the displayed characters on its buttons. Earlier rumors suggested that the future MacBook Pro 2016 would integrate OLED keys above the keyboard, in such place and function keys to provide dynamic shortcuts. Finally it might be all the keys that will change. This is what the reports of Slash Gear and The Guardian websites says. The British daily also suggests that Apple is in talks to acquire Australian startups Sonder Design (partly funded by Foxconn), whose peculiarity is to achieve a keyboard whose keys can change dynamically using the electronic ink.

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And then there are also two other YouTube videos on the Sonder Design chain. In the first, even if the quality of implementation is not really up to the official Apple video, we find a little of the spirit of the Cupertino company. But it is especially the second video that commands attention. It hears Steve Jobs said in 2007 that the keyboards of our computers are too restrictive, because the buttons may change dynamically depending on the needs of the application is used. A video that ends in apotheosis, with the prominence of a keyboard like that of the iMac, but with electronic ink keys.

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The new MacBook Apple should be arriving in a few weeks, and we can already say that the technology choice seems good. Electronic ink is indeed very low-energy. It requires an electrical pulse until you switch the display of the character. Apple could even add a backlight system without much impacting the battery life of its future laptops or wireless keyboards. Obviously, if the takeover is finalized, it will be some time before Apple products signed integrates technology.

Facebook Mark Zukerberg Needs Voice For AI Assistant

The young boss of Facebook is currently developing an intelligent personal assistant that he wants similar to the heroes of Marvel. After an appeal to find an actor who would lend his voice, he finds himself with Robert Downey Jr himself in voluntary guest star. Some months earlier, the boss of Facebook have announced to create an intelligent personal assistant, called Jarvis, in homage to AI designed by Tony Stark in Iron Man. It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is sufficiently advanced in its project to proceed to the next stage, where his assistant is seen with one vote. But that could well lend his voice to this creation? Having apparently no answer stopped leading the Facebook founder has therefore turned to his "followers" and asked the question on his profile. "The time has come to give voice to my AI Jarvis. Who should I ask to do it?"

Some 44,000 comments and 201,000 responses later, it appears that some of the proposals have good memory and remembers Arnold Schwarznegger, former California governor and Terminator especially eternal, had offered to lend his voice at the announcement of the project . But it is especially three names that float and seem to carry the vote: Robert Downey JR, Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Bettany. The first is obviously the actor who plays Iron Man in several films in the Marvel Universe. The second addition it embodies a brilliant Sherlock Holmes for the BBC, has given life through his voice to the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit. Finally, Paul Bettany is probably the least favorite, yet it is him who plays Jarvis, the AI in Iron Man. Three impressive and therefore legitimate contenders, and a headache. Who to choose?

Internet magic seems to have once again made. Robert Downey Jr has indeed responded directly to the message of Zuckerberg by proposing a solution that would satisfy everyone. Judge for yourself: "I will do it again if Bettany is paid and he gives money to a good cause chosen by Cumberbatch," he wrote. The boss of Facebook seems to enchant the idea. Note, special mention, very good proposal for an Internet user who proposed that the vote be conducted by Kristian Nairn, best known for her role as Hodor in the Game of Thrones series. It is true that artificial assistant who would be able to say Hodor could have limited value. But at least [spoiler alert] could keep the doors closed...
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